The Story of the founding of the OKLAHOMA HISPANIC INSTITUTE:

In 2022, I was honored to realize a longstanding dream and ambition to create an organization, an instrument, through which I could establish a number of initiatives to develop and nurture leadership throughout the Hispanic communities of Oklahoma.  Thus, was born the OKLAHOMA HISPANIC INSTITUTE, a Not For Profit Corporation Chartered in the State of Oklahoma. 

I was honored to launch this organization with the support of the first Executive Board of Directors:  Miguel Garcia, highly respected and successful Attorney in Oklahoma City.  Miguel is a Member the Board of Trustees of Mount Saint Mary’s High School and numerous Oklahoma Bar affiliations and leadership positions within his legal profession.  Miguel is married to Ana Garcia, Member of the Board of Regents of Oklahoma City Community College and they are proud parents of two young children.

Chris Fusselman, Vice President of Tyler Media, providing the media support and expertise of Telemundo, Univision and all the media instruments of Tyler Media in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.  Chris serves the media profession and the Hispanic communities of Oklahoma on numerous civic and professional organizations.  Chris is married to Lucy Luz Fusselman, a Realtor and Member of the Oklahoma Arts Council.  They are the parents of two young daughters.

Deanna Cardenas is a Realtor and has been a leader in Oklahoma City fundraising and organizational development for years in the Oklahoma City area.  Deanna serves as a Member of the Oklahoma Arts Council, Catholic Charities Board of Directors with past service to the Oklahoma City YWCA and other charities.  Deanna’s husband Joe is a Professional Engineer and serves as a Member of the Oklahoma State Board of Professional Engineers and Licensure and is himself a veteran of numerous civic fundraising events.

Carla Brown is the Marketing and Events Coordinator for Supermercados Morelos in Tulsa. Having been with the Morelos Corporation for several years, Carla is widely known for her direct and personal support and involvement in numerous Morelos sponsored events throughout the State.  Carla is a widely recognized and respected figure with the Hispanic Community and with Corporate and organizational leaders.

Wendy Hampton is the CEO of “Equipped Marketing” based in Oklahoma City. Wendy is a long established marketing and public relations professional. For over 20 years, Wendy led the Fox 25 Affiliate in the Oklahoma City market in Advertising Sales. Today, Wendy manages a team of creative and marketing professionals contracting a wide range of Business and Corporate clients with targeted social platform and traditional Marketing Strategies.


The First major accomplishment of the OKLAHOMA HISPANIC INSTITUTE was held on Sept 13, 2023 at the Oklahoma City Community College with the production of the Inaugural “Oklahoma City Area Top 40 Hispanic Leader Awards”.  This event marked the first time in the history of the State of Oklahoma that Hispanic leadership was convened to receive long overdue credit and recognition for the outstanding accomplishments and service to the Hispanic population and to the entire state of Oklahoma as well.  40 Hispanic leaders were recognized with over 300 civic and community supporters and leaders in attendance!  In addition, the first ”VISION AWARDS” were presented to the Governor of the Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma, Bill Anoatubby and to Dr. Mautra Jones. President of Oklahoma City Community College, the first Black Woman to head a major institution of Higher Education in Oklahoma. Governor Stitt was in attendance to present these Awards.

Now, The OKLAHOMA HISPANIC INSTITUTE seeks to focus attention on the Tulsa area by scheduling the “Tulsa Area Top 40 Hispanic Leader Awards” for April 4, 2024 at the University of Tulsa, Lorton Performance Center.  This event, no doubt overdue, as we recognize the tremendous strength and depth of Hispanic leadership currently moving the Tulsa Hispanic Community forward in all sectors of society.  With the generous support of the University of Tulsa, Supermercados Morelos and other Corporate supporters (To Be Determined), the Hispanic leadership of Tulsa will come together as peers, collaborators, visionaries, role models and leaders for future generations of Hispanic Tulsans. Governor Stitt will be in attendance to present these Awards at the University of Tulsa on April 4.

On April 24, 2024, the OKLAHOMA HISPANIC INSTITUTE will produce the “Oklahoma City Area Top 40 Hispanic Leader Awards” at the Oklahoma City Community College Performing Arts Center. This event will mark the second time for Hispanic leaders to be recognized by their peers, business and political leaders from throughout the area. W/ the generous support from Tyler Media, Telemundo/Univision, Fox 25 OKC, Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City Community College, the Catholic Archdiocese of Oklahoma and other corporate sponsors (to be determined), the Event will showcase Hispanic leadership.

The greater mission and ambition for the OKLAHOMA HISPANIC INSTITUTE is for all of the Hispanic Leader recognition events in Oklahoma City and Tulsa to culminate later this year in the establishment of the historic OKLAHOMA HISPANIC HALL OF FAME; an Institution which will archive and document the vast and rich history of the Hispanic population presence in the State of Oklahoma since the early 1900’s. The Hall of Fame will stand as an operational site for students of all ages, visitors, tourists, historians, and all who are proud of the History, contributions, culture and traditions of the diverse populations of Hispanic communities representing 23 different Hispanic/Latino/Spanish Speaking Countries from around the world present in today’s Oklahoma and since Statehood.

Your support is appreciated and held in great respect.

Fred Mendoza, Founder and Chairman, OKLAHOMA HISPANIC INSTITUTE