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Tulsa Top 40 hispanic leadership awards luncheon
April 4, 2024

Oklahoma city top 40 hispanic leadership awards luncheon
April 24, 2024

The Greater mission and ambition

For the Oklahoma hispanic institute

For all of the Hispanic Leader recognition events in Oklahoma City and Tulsa to culminate later this year in the establishment of the historic OKLAHOMA HISPANIC HALL OF FAME; an Institution which will archive and document the vast and rich history of the Hispanic population presence in the State of Oklahoma since the early 1900’s. The Hall of Fame will stand as an operational site for students of all ages, visitors, tourists, historians, and all who are proud of the History, contributions, culture and traditions of the diverse populations of Hispanic communities representing 23 different Hispanic/Latino/Spanish Speaking Countries from around the world present in today’s Oklahoma and since Statehood.

20,000+ Hispanic Businesses in Oklahoma

13% of Oklahoma’s Population is Hispanic

Oklahoma Hispanic Population Growth from 2010-2019 is 63%

total number of hispanics in Oklahoma

“The mission of the Oklahoma Hispanic Cultural Center is to celebrate, preserve, and promote the rich heritage, arts, and culture of the Hispanic community in Oklahoma. Through educational programs, cultural events, and community engagement, we aim to foster understanding, inclusivity, and appreciation for the diverse contributions of Hispanics in our state.”

-Fred Mendoza

2023 Top 40 hispanic leadership award winners
Oklahoma city

mission statement

The Oklahoma Hispanic Institute is established to create, support and sponsor initiatives for Public/Private Engagement, Resource Development in Education, Cultural Arts and Community Leadership.